Ham N' Egg, or The Ham and Egg, in Ofallon Missouri

We went to the Ham n' Egg in Ofallon Missouri yesterday for the first time. We had been wanting to go for some time, as many people have been giving it rave reviews. Its a very casual little restaurant, where you seat yourself. Nothing fancy whatsoever, however it was a place that was very comfortable and had excellent service.

I ordered the Double Up Breakfast, with bacon well done, eggs over medium, home fries and toast. That all came with the meal. It was very very good. You can get sausage or pancakes as an alternative. I would recommend this, and the syrup was heated, which was a very nice touch.

My husband got the Farmer's Special Omelette, which was very very good. You could tell it was made with the best of ingredients. It was a four egg omelette, and he had homefries and white toast.

The woman mentioned that the bread doesn't look like anything special, but that people love it and there was something extra special about it. They have jelly and butter at the table, but it was nice the toast was buttered in advance anyway.

Service was excellent, kept the drinks filled. Very cheerful and helpful and shared what she recommended to us. I would give this a 5 star for the food, and the service.