Reviews for Restaurants and Different Businesses

I have lived in several different states in the United States including California, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, and Missouri. I also have travelled to many different places including a few different countries like Canada, Greece, and Mexico. I would love to travel even more, and plan to in the future.

In each of these places, I have been fortunate to try out different cuisine, and frequent some different businesses. This is a resource for me and perhaps others, where I can come back and look on what I liked and didn't like and why. For others, it may help in making decisions where you may want to eat out or do your business.

I am a firm believer in supporting those good businesses and restaurants out there, epsecially during a hard economic time in our country. If you have any thoughts or something to share, please do share here in the comments area. I would love to have your feedback. Perhaps, I can transfer this information or a form of it later on, to pertinent sites so that it is available for more to see. For now, I don't want to forget or ignore good and especially great service anywhere, and hope to support them more in the future.

The locations will be all over the map. If you have recommendations of restaurants to try, let me know that as well. Thank you so much for your visit, and do come back and check back for more updates in the future!

I may refer to a 5 star system, 5 being the best rating, 1 being the worst.